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Default Archiving old patch notes.

Uploading patch for 1/18/17 (v3.3.8)

Copying old patch notes here:

- 3.3.7 - Ready for new expansion.

- 3.3.6 - Updates for latest patch.
- 3.3.6 - New Tribute/Trophy, Personal Tribute/Trophy on one tab, Guild Tribute/Trophy on 2nd tab.

- 3.3.5 - Minor updates needed for May 18th patch.

-3.3.4 - and another new .zip, sorry. Messed up the options window.
(It's all fixed now, I promise :P )

-3.3.4 - *New .zip file* Updates for 04/20/2016 patch. New .zip file because I missed updates to EQUI_Templates file to remove LON.

-3.3.3 - Minor update for today's patch. Removing EQPlayers and changes for options window.

-3.3.2 - Minor update to add 'Log Out Over Parcel Limit' button to General Options page.

-3.3.1 - Expansion update - Removed Mounts tab and added Keyring button to Inventory.
My UI files.
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