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Originally Posted by RickeySnakes
I've completed Item Overflow, Find Item, Loot Filters, Loot Filters Copy, Mail Address Book, Mail Ignore List, Mail Composition, Mail, Advanced Loot and Loot Settings.

I also fixed the Inventory window where FIND is with the other buttons at the bottom AND fixed the graphic for mercs armor slots along w/ the Graphite Inventory xml for that.

I also had to add a checkbox to Graphite Checkboxes.

I still need to create some .png for the mail Address, Sync Address and Options icons but that will be later.

Thanks for doing them! Saves me time .

But I willl NOT use inventory (just the merc fixes) or any of the loot windows. The rest I wil use after I vet them properly. Let me know when the rest of the windows are final. I will again give you credit in the notes when the time comes.
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