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Originally Posted by Novbre

I am in LOVE with the LodiDodi UI! But the Group window is making me neurotic! Can someone help point out to me what needs to be deleted and/or edited to removed the first box of information..the box with the AC, ATK and WT info (circled in green). This isn't information I need at a glance, and when I do need it I can get it from my Inventory window. that block of info is making the over all window too tall for where I want to use it, but it's the perfect size if that information is removed.

The window is also about 5 px too narrow and 5 px too short so the right and bottom sides are clipped. So if anyone can tell me what needs to be edited to add about 5 px to the right and bottom sides (circled in pink), I would greatly appreciate it as well! Sadly my reverse engineering xml skills are 15 years out of date, and sucked even back then lol.

Any help would be awesome!

~ Novbre

you have a working download for this? i'd like to help but the ui i got is super outdated
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