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My god Enok. I was considering making all of the HP gauges in my PDA multi colored till I read the code you implemented.. I can only Imagine the total code needed to make the Target, Player, Player Pet and all 5 group members gauges in a 2 color format.

Can you give me a brief explanation of why 6 gauge calls are needed for a 3 color gauge and what purpose having each gauge call in an invisible tabbed box serves?

If I were to add Multi Color to my PDA would I have to have a seperate set of tabs per gauge and would the fact that my group window already resides in a tab be affected by such a mod? Can a tabbed page reside in another tabbed page?

Do the gauges need to be on a seperate tab page to overlap? Also I see some really huge negative gauge offsets, why so far?

How does the game know which tab to call forward when its time to display the appropriate gauge?

I can appreciate the amount of XML knowledge that you must have to code that. But I have to believe there must be a simpler way to achieve the look you got with much less coding. Might just be wishful thinking on my part though ~
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