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Cool Short Tutorial about the Alpha Channel

This tutorial is based on using PSP 7 but I will try to explain it in a way that you will understand for any graphics program.

Ok lets get cracking.

The alpha channel - a template defining which part or parts of the over all image are the important ones. (Not the real definition, but for ease of understanding I choose it)

Let me show you what I mean.

1.) In PSP7 load image dragitem26.tga (from your eq\uifiles\default)
2.) From the "Drop down menu" titled Selections click on Load from Alpha channel
3.) You are presented with one choice. (notice the preview of the template, look familiar?) Hit ok.
4.) Now all your graphics have been selected. Shown by a dotted line.

Congrats you are now looking at the Alpha channel laid on top of the image.

For most of you all, this tutorial should have opened you eyes and, no further teaching needs to be said.

If you didn't understand. Let me know.

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