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Originally Posted by Drakah
Thank you very much, I appreciate the kind words

The "EQ Mail" button mod can be removed simply by deleting the EQUI_SelectorWnd.xml file out of the folder. This will return the Window Selector that you are referring to.

The HP/Pet Bars/SQ Gem, is the same in all of the Integrated Series.
- Click on the Square, the Name of the player, or the Red HP bar to target the person.
- Click on the green bar to target the pet of the person, or hit the appropriate F-key 2x.

I haven't really had any issues targeting by clicking as a Beastlord or Cleric, think it may be mouse related?

Again thank you and hope my suggestions make it easier for you.

Thanks for the how to on the ALT-W window

I just found the health/mana/pet all-in-one bar a little too thin to work with mouse clicking on the fly, sure if i were to go slower and pay closer attention to it, i can do it, but when im doing it, it's generally a fast paced situation.
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