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after fooling around with it last night for a bit (i think i'm learning xml! lol kidding) i did get the combat ability window from a older quartz to work. same story as the rest of the other ones that had the transparent background. i just removed the texture and tinted the window black and it will work for now. i had a hard time getting that to work, as almost all the combat windows for some reason were like 1.5x wider and 3x higher than they should have been for the longest time. i think it was from the quartz 2.0 or just quartz redux, but definately wasnt' from a leather release.

i've been using the inventory (even with missing bags its still great! lol) and since i've got the 16 quick clicks back its not too rough. i can wait for the fix whenever you have time

do you know what changed the button border/background so i can change that back? i don't care for the grey with solid framed borders. doesn't match imo.

Originally Posted by Halelen
Ok for the dashboard inventory thats an easy fix ill get on that asap(actually the original windows are in the mod folder)unless you want the dashboard with all the bags on it. As for the other problems you mentioned, those windows dont work because I removed all the reliance on the quartz xml. You are completetly correct in your solution for that problem. As for the combat ability window I will look into that. Actually If you log completely out of EQ and open your character ini file and find combat ability window header...delete all entries down to next header and save. then log in and see if that fixes the problem.Let me know.

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