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I tried making the size 100x100 so I could see it even if it was hidden behined something, I also tried 0 0 position and 100 0 and moving the castspellwindow around to see if it was peaking around some other position, but still nothing.

UPDATE: Ok, looks like if I click where 0 0 would be, it opens the spellbook! So that's good. Not 100% sure why the spellbook image isn't showing.

Can I put CSPW_SpellBook piece in another .xml or does it have to be in EQUI_CastSpellWnd.xml?

UPDATE2: I grabbed another window_pieces01.tga from another skin and poof it appeared! Strange, I opened the original window_pieces01.tga with photoshop and it didn't appear to be corrupt or anything... not 100% sure why that happened. O well. Thanks for the help!
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