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Default Default UI optimized for larger screens, pls

I recently had my monitor die on me and decided to go with a big screen TV instead, something I've been thinking about for awhile now. But I've run into some uncomfortable issues. For one, I'm more blind than I thought I was. While EQ has the ability to change font size and change the size of a lot of boxes and such, they haven't added a general font size adjustment. Least not that I've found. So I'm begging anyone out there with the skills and will and equipment to make a UI that's comfortable to read on large screens from several feet away.

I'm running at 1080p on a 46" from about 7' away and have trouble reading text not in the adjusted chat boxes. I have the chat font set to 6 so it's easy to read, no squinting necessary. Anything else and I have to sit 2'-3' closer to be comfortable. I use some custom pieces, but I don't want to make this just about me. I'd really like to see all the creators make compatible pieces for those like me. Maybe even a section for UI's just for big screens. One can always hope
Thanks for reading and any of you that do add pieces for big screens, a really big thank you.
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