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Originally Posted by BalforH
Yes the highlight box seems to be tied to the <Button item="ETW_Role0">. Some custom Extended Target Windows have the "Role" box on the right side vs the left.. these custom windows will not display the highlight box. Another more skilled at xml might be able to fix it. I saw nothing in the ETW change so it may be coded in on of the .DDS files that were also updated in the patch.. but that is way above my skill level.. I know there are programs that make doing updates easier but I use a notepad and calculator to make updates

Couple corrections... The highlight box is tied to two elements (neither of which are the ETW_Role buttons).

The bottom and left lines of the highlight are tied to the bottom-left edge of the ETW_AggroPct (aggro percentage) element. The top and right lines are tied to the top-right edge of the ETW_Gauge (HP Gauge) element.

None of the art files were adjusted (dds, tga, etc) for this particular change.

This change, according to a private conversation I had with Meeko, was based on the code for the hard-coded 'highlight' in the find item window. A bizarre choice in my opinion, but it is what it is...

Hopefully knowing what the lines are tied to helps you get your window fixed. Unfortunately, they removed a lot of creativity for extended target window layouts with this change by forcing people to have the aggro percentage on the left side.
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