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Default Focus on the caster specific stuff....

This us the stuff casters (at least wizards imo) DON'T need to see.

HUGE sta/hp gages.
% behind everthing with a number
Attack (it's just as dumb on a caster as a mana gage is on a monk)
Windows the size of Texas (Nothing should rivial a wizards ego in size!)
All the gages stacked up next to each other..... My first ui, because of the way the windows were stacked, looked like this:

HP: <BRIGHT green gage>
AC: <DARK maroon numbers>
STA: <BRIGHT red gage>
Mana: <Pink gage>
WT <BRIGHT blue numbers
STR: <Bright Yellow gage>
DEX: <Bright Yellow gage>
AGI: <Bright Yellow gage>
PET: <black gage> or < BRIGHT red gage>
ALL Resists: <all in this funky lime green colour>
EXP: <Bright Yellow gage>
AA EXP: <BRIGHT green gage>

So I had this distractiong blob of colour on one side that didn't tell me anything I needed to know at a glance. All I really need to see on the screen at all times is hp, mana, a destinctive casting bar (not one of those foo foo ornate bubble balls with bells and whistles, buffs, hotkeys (horizontal preferably), and a chat window.

I don't need to see my resists 24/7
I don't need to see my stats 24/7
I don't need to see my inventory 24/7 (clickies I keep hotkeyed)
I don't need to see my attack.....ever
I don't need to see my stamina/AC....but mebbe twice a year.

This stuff I need so infrequently, it's not a bother to ALT + <something> or click a button to find them on the rare occasion I need to check them out.

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