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Default Five Day SOE Forum Ban

Original (now locked) Topic: Sense Heading: Grinding XP in The Darkened Sea

Started a new thread under the Veteran section titled: Told Ya

Quoted myself and Roshen exactly as seen below and got a five day forum ban for quoting myself and Roshen. Just goes to show you how much censorship goes on there as apparently they cannot handle getting called out.

What a bunch of hypocritical weenies SOE Employees are.

Smallpox, 10-21-14 at 8:40 PM
"I can already tell you what is going to happen.

The Dev's will back-pedal, then concede to some sort of (perceived) compromise. What this really means is they had some sort of intended nerf in mind. They then over inflated it just to get the feathers ruffled, then will move the change back to where they wanted it in the first place. After the compromise, people will feel like they got some sort of say in the matter and start singing praise to the Dev's for listening to them.

From a Necro viewpoint, this has been their Modus Operandi for years, only now they are doing it to everyone."

Roshen, 10-24-14 at 2:45 PM
"Hello all,

Thank you all for taking your time to share your thoughts with us on these changes. We hear you and based on your feedback we plan on making changes to how we're handling Heroic Adventures. We still want to make sure that the most difficult content is more rewarding and we want to incentivize variety. We also don't want Heroic Adventures to feel punishing.

We have some new changes in mind that are more about providing bonuses to players that seek out challenging content and choose to complete a variety of Heroic Adventures, and less about restrictions against players that choose not to. We'll be communicating these changes with you soon. They will not be ready by Tuesday for The Darkened Sea early access on October 28th.

Until these new updates are ready to announce, feel free to continue conversations about The Darkened Sea in other threads.
Roshen, Today at 2:45 PM"
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