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Anchors are something SOE added in to replace and/or compliment locations.

Rather than set locations that never move with


you can anchor it to one of the sides and allow it to stretch with the window. For example:

<LeftAnchorToLeft>true</LeftAnchorToLeft> - this means that the left side of the piece is anchored to the left side of the window. You can also anchor the left side of the piece to the right side of the window using <LeftAnchorToLeft>false</LeftAnchorToLeft> OR LeftAnchorToRight>true</LeftAnchorToRight>

This allows some flexibility is positioning when making windows resizable. So say your buff box (I don't know how it's actually laid out) is in the window in a set location. when you make the window bigger, the buff box stays the same size and in the same place. Anchors allow you to make the buff box resize with the window, moving with the window to fit the shape/size.

Does that make sense?

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