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I believe this error to be caused by a bug/typo in the compatiblity test...

Originally posted by rumek0913

[Mon Aug 11 13:53:54 2003] Warning: file EQUI_BankWnd.xml not found in directory UIFiles\bl\. Attempting to use file from Default skin.

Mon Aug 11 13:54:12 2003] Error: Could not find child BIGB_SharedBankSlot0 in window BankWnd

[Mon Aug 11 13:54:12 2003] Error: Could not find child BIGB_SharedBankSlot1 in window BankWnd

And to quote my self..
Originally posted by Talyns
You'll probably get those errors even with the default UI..

It happens to me, on my account without LOY(with all UI's).. On my account with LOY, the same exact UI will report no errors.. Everything works perfect on both accounts.. So, I don't worry about it..

You're using the default Bank window so it's already been patched..

Notice how it is looking for BIGB_SharedBankSlot0 & 1?

No BIGB_SharedBankSlots belong in EQUI_BankWnd.xml..
the name of the shared slots in that xml file are: BW_SharedBankSlot0 & 1..

/bug it!

If enough people /bug it ingame, hopefully they will fix it when adding the shared platnium slot..
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