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Ok, can you just hurmor me?

I deleted my soes folder.

I installed a new copy of soes from my zip file.

I renamed my old UI_Zilth_50.ini in my main eq folder.

I renamed UI_YourChar_YourServer.ini to UI_Zilth_50.ini in the soes folder

I copy and pasted the new UI_Zilth_50.ini from the soes folder to the main eq folder.

I use the 1280x1024 display mode.

None of the windows lined up. I had to readjust all of them.

The bard song window is in the lower right hand of the screen and I can not move it. It also just shows the name of the song. No song icon shows up.

The Pet / stats / clicks window is in the middle left hand side of the screen and I can not move it.

So how about you do a clean test of your UI. Install it fresh with none of your previous adjustments and see how it turns out? Or how about changing the bard song window and the pet / sta / click window to just be moveable.

I do not mind having to adjust all the windows. I would just like to be able to move them all. I would also like the icons for the bard song window to show up.

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