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Edit: Just checked the addon and realised I am missing some files. Will update it when I get home.

Originally Posted by psychiea
I unzipped the files and it says spellicon 1, 2 etc etc.. I don't see any folders. How can i see a .dds .. please help..

Make sure you are unzipping with folders.
You should get 3 folders, 'tking icons', 'new default icons' and 'old default icons'.
These folders each contain 11 files, gemicons* (3 files), spells* (7 files) and spell_icons

Copy these 11 files (from whichever folder you prefer) into your main ui folder.
e.g if your ui is called MyUI, you should have the following folders:

\Everquest\uifiles\MyUI\tking icons\
\Everquest\uifiles\MyUI\new default icons\
\Everquest\uifiles\MyUI\old default icons\

you copy the files into the \Everquest\uifiles\MyUI\ folder.

Hope this makes sense.

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