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Default Hurray

Thank you so much for getting the Lodi UI working again. I'm pretty much lost without it. Your hard work is appreciated.

I had problems getting it to work at first. I downloaded Lodi Dodi UI 3.3.6 (size 2MB) and installed that. I then downloaded the patch (the 3 file patch size 17.25 Kb) and unzipped it into the Lodi folder and all I got was the default UI.
Then I deleted all that and downloaded a file called Lodidodi working version (size 4.97 MB) and installed that. I then unzipped the patch (the 3 file 17.25 Kb one from my first attempt) into the Lodi folder and everything worked great.

Forgive me if this dosen't make alot of sense as I'm fairly clueless about UI's and computers in general. For those of you having trouble I'd make sure you are starting with the correct version of Lodidodi to begin with (the 4.97 MB one) as that was my problem.
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