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Default How might I go about doing this....

What I want to do is keep the original newui layout, but change the colors around to a nice blue color (like the Necromancer skin), change the background image to something of my choice, and have the % for hp, mana, group members, mob, etc. next to the bars (like people have been doing in the new skins). I have 0 idea how to do any editing, but no one seems to want to do a ui that I like, so I guess I'll make my own. I would mandoly appreciate any help

Also, is there any way to change spell icons? I want to change the clarity icons back to the original... this Wisp looking thing just doesn't feel right to me :-P


PS: I also wanted to put an extra AA bar on the window with your HP/Mana/Sta.

PPS: I just realised I posted this in the wrong message board, so if an admin would move it to the correct one that would be great ;-) Sorry. hehe
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