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OK as I said ina previous post, I'm not sure if the way to change images is the way it seems to be, but I'll ennumberate for you, and you can try it. If I'm wrong hopefully someone will reply with the correct way.

In the code for whichever window you are editing, you will see a tag that looks like this:

<draw template>Wnd_Lgt_Rock</draw template>

Now the way that this tag is set up seems to suggest that to change the image you'd only have to insert the filename of a tga file of your choice between the tags and make sure that that file name is in your folder for the skin you're building. And the about SIDL doc included with the new interface says that is the purpose of the <draw template> tag.

As for changing the hue of your windows, like the changing backgrounds I don't know if it is the way of things or not, but I've noticed in some of the files I've looked at (I have been attempting to edit the player window to have hp, mana, stam, exp, and current/max weight, but i've yet to be succesfull) i've noticed that there is a piece of code that looks sorta like this:

<fill tint>
</fill tint>

Now is it just me or does this seem to be a way to change the hue of colors? Maybe you just need to find out the proper mix of green red and blue and set them down in the fill tint tag. Again I do not know for sure if that is the way to do it, or if that is some other part of the coding such as in the guage bars or something.
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