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Originally Posted by Halelen
A)They didnt switch to a .dds format I did that...find it is faster loading since the video doesnt have to alter the file to display it.

B) Reason you lose graphics is because when you delete xml it pulls from the default but the animations says and the default xml is calling for .tga
so have to replace any you pull from default(i will do that for you)

C) target indicator doesnt make sense since that wasnt converted to .dds...are you wanting the default?

ok lets make sure I know what all you want ..

1) original quartz look buttons and such - yes

2)eqbutton just to be the button - yes and scaled down if possible to the size of the mail button

3) 5 slot potionwindow - yes

4) target window same width as player window - yes

5)spell bar and combat bar same Hieght as player window? - ok after screwing around some more, maybe a easier change. was thinking of putting the invite, lfg, and disband buttons of the group window on the left so the the line up of the players health bars are closer to the way it used to be? i can get used to the spell gems/combat abilities being on the other side if they are close to group members to heal. then no need for changes on the other 2 windows

6) you want the default speel gems/icons yes

7) you want default target rings? Fixed!


noticed i can't see my cast bar on melee even with the mods and/or the melee folder files.

appreciate the custom work as usual!
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