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Originally Posted by SmileyFAAce
I downloaded this. I have no clue how to open a file in it to customize..
I have net framework 1.1 and 2.0. It opens fine.. just how do I load ' EQUI_BuffWindow.xml ' for example ?


Its used to open the whole UI directory

Go to tools then options, set the default directory to EQ directory for the default, ie: (C:\Program Files\Everquest\uifiles\default)

set skin to the UI you want to start with buy default

now when you start SidlWidl.exe it will have the complete UI loaded you that you choose

to open a new UI go to file, open skin - then choose the UI that you want to view/edit

browse the individual components ie: EQUI_BuffWindow.xml
expand that component (single click)
to view the whole component double click at the bottom [Screen]Buffwindow
now you can View the window

Hope that help's I suck at explaining things
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