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Please help as I cannot get this to work. I have been downloading UIs for awhile now and do just fine with one shot extracts. However, I have no experience with patches/fixes. If someone could point out my errors in this process it would be appreciated. Here is what I have done.

Delete all Lodidodi files/folders.
Download fresh Lodidodi336 and the 3 files from Posemikato.
Create new folder named "lodidodi" in the uifiles folder of EQ.
Extract Lodidodi336 to the "lodidodi" folder.
Extract the 3 Posemikato files into the "lodidodi" folder.
Start EQ.
Try to switch to the "lodidodi" UI but it keeps reverting back to the default UI.

Any help is greatly appreciated. I cannot enjoy the game with the crappy default UI and the other UI I was using was broken a few months ago.


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