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Default DeltaX Forever

Welcome to DeltaX Forever
-= 1280x1024 =- Included in folder DX1
-= 1600x1200 =- Included in folder DX2
-= 1360x768 =- Included in folder DX3
-= Twin Screen Boxing Mode =- DX460 By Ranstar

Installation Instructions
************************************************** **
1. Delete/Rename Any Version of DeltaX under v3.009
2. Unzip as normal after deleting the old one.
3. Copy UI_DXOne_Server.ini and UI_DXTwo_Server.ini) to your \\Everquest Directory
4. Enter Game:
5. Options window (Alt-O) is default
6. Press Copy Layout Button
7. Choose DXOne or DXTwo Windowed
8. Wait a moment or 2 (on some systems this may cause disconnect to server, just re-log in)
9. Congratz Pain Free Setup of the UI.
(pure casters may need to lower the spell bar on top of the Target Window)
************************************************** **

General Information and Special Instructions:

Delta X Target Window:
-(1600x1200) Displays upto 58 Buff/Debuffs
-(1280x1024) Displays Approx 46 Buff/Debuffs
-(1360x768) Displays Approx 50 Buff/Debuffs
-SoE has this set up to support >>> 84 <<< buffs/Debuffs
-Targets Icons now show dark blue (if buff) or dark red if debuff
-Spell Casting Guage when spells/clickys Cast run full with of icon window area

Tribute Benifit Window:
-Modified to Assist for Combat Speed
-Auto Closes when clicking anywhere else on the screen
-Smaller Foot Print and Faster Activate Options
-(1600x1200) Vertical Design works on lower Resolutions
-(1280x1024) Horizontal Design (will be partly cut off on 1600x1280)

Window Selector:
-(1600x1200) Invis Window is clickable from Tribute Times to the right
-(1360x768) Invis Window is clickable from Tribute Times to the right
-(1280x1024) Invis Window is clicable on Tribute Timer only

Core Windows: (needed for the Resolution)
-(1600x1200) Group, Compass, Player, Target, Potions, Spell Gems, Pet, Selector, Actions
-(1280x1024) Group, Player, Target, Potions

Misc Info:
Windows are being reworked bit by bit to make them more interchangeable and allow more flexibility to replace with others you like (if you do swap them out please let us know may better ideas for the future)

If you have any bugs, problems, suggestions, wishs post them here

Custom Sizes with Interchangeable Creations
************************************************** **
1600x900 Use DX2 as a Base
- Option1: Vertical buffs/SDBuffs
-- Copy From DX3 to your DX2 Folder
--- EQUI_BuffWindow.xml
- Option2: Horizontal buff/SDBuffs
-- Copy From DX460 to your DX2 Folder
--- RAN_Buffs.png
--- EQUI_BuffWindow.xml
--- EQUI_ShortDurationBuffWindow.xml
- Will require manual Placement of windows
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