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Old 12-17-2022, 02:29 PM   #1
Lord Doljonijiarnimorinar
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Default Big Banks and New Expansion

Since the latest expansion I have done ALOT of playing with the code. I donít play anymore so I get my cues from others. Iím not sure whatís active in game of not so I will go through them.

I heard they added slots for perks members. I added these slots into my UIs and had no issues till this expansion so I removed them.

I have heard bags were expanded to 46 slots(have seen 48) I went through and expanded my bag slots to 46 and it broke everything. So I reverted all my uis back to 10 slots and 44 slot bags.

I did make a tabbed bank window so I have both a full and tabbed and have seen no issues with either.

Anyone got any other insights
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Old 01-10-2023, 11:37 PM   #2
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currently the issue with banks in general is they load every time you change zones, they also take up a majority of the rendering when they are close and not even near the bank, let alone opening them all up to view.

since this expansion now even having any tabbed slots will cause some bags to be missing depending on how many bank slots the player has. only fix for this is to reduce the amount of bags that are open or have a secondary inventory tab just for bags to show them all when tabbed over.

i thought this problem was suppose to be fixed when 64 came around to increase use for Ram but ehh apparently its "working as intended" or so im told. as of yet i dont see a work around or a way to increase memory to have tabbed bank and 12 inventory slots all open at once.
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