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Just came back to EQ, again. (Can't get enough of it and kids are grown up now, enough to cook for themselves, lol)

Prior, I have made my own UI files with minor custom changes, minor. Making the bags with smaller slots. Seems I can't just change the size from 40 to 30 with an xml editor anymore. It does nothing.

So any help would be appreciated. Even as much to make the file so I can download it. Check the download section, no updated files there. A couple old files were there but unuseable
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Are you moving the UI piece to another folder? If you modify the file in the default folder it will get written over. Also, there may be values in the 'size' tag, but it may be using the autostretch=true property which will ignore the size tag and use values for {direction}AnchorOffset values.

If you attach the file you are trying to modify, I'd be glad to modify it. Then you can compare what I change to the original to understand what I did.
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