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Default T.King/Drakah based UI (1280 and 1600 only)

Well, it took some time till I decided to make it public, I guess, but here it is.

Picture of 1600x1200 resolution

Picture of 1280x1024 resolution

A few notes on the UIs:

A lot of the xml (most of them, I think) files have been modified, to add the border (Thanks to Drakah for it!), as well as make them larger (to compensate for the thicker border).

Because of the border, I also had to make some windows fixed (rather than sizable). Namely, windows with tabs (i.e. Options), or with sliders (i.e. Loot window) needed that. For some reason you cannot change the width of tabbed/slider windows, unless you lock them. If you know of a solution to that, please let me know and I'll make the windows sizable again.

The Book window (when reading books, etc.) has been modified to look like the T.King spellbook, but I also added a top border for the title of the book to show.

On the right side of the window you can see a border, marking the Buff and Song windows. They go from top to bottom, and I gave them only the right border.

In the 1600x1280 version of the UI the Song window looks the same as the buff window (though you can't see any songs playing in the pictures).

In the 1280x1024 version, due to size constraints, the Song window is limited to a 3x3 icon-only (no song names showing).

The pet window (which I forgot to contain in the picture) now has 3 tabs, including Inventory and Stats info, as well as the pet info (Pri, Secondary, Range, and Ammo slots showing in the pet info tab as well). (Also, it has been quite some time since I got the original pet window to modify it, and I have forgotten who had made the 3-tab version. *blush* So, thank you, whoever you are!)

(Note: I am considering changing the pet window to something simpler in the future, since I don't ever have it on anyway).

Finally, I am going to work on making a thinner border, but maintaining the feel and intricacy of Drakah's border... So far no luck on that though :b

In any case, if you want the UI, the links follow:

1600x1280 UI zip

1280x1024 UI zip

The zip files are about 3mb's each. You will also find an ini file zipped along with the UI files, which contains the window positions as shown on the screenshots.

The ini file is the same for both UIs (it has the info for both resolutions), but due to the difference in the Songs xml (this is the only difference among the 2 UIs really), you will need to put the UI files in different directories and switch to the appropriate one if you change resolutions.

That said, many thanks to T.King, Drakah, Cairenn and the rest of the crew
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