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Default Quartz Update v1.9.1 (support for PoR)

Sorry it's been so long since I've updated, things have been a tad hectic around here.

Anyway, there's a new version up for download. It incorporates multiple hotkey windows, the new bank, and unbreaks the UI for the new expansion.

It's not everything I'd planned, but it's a start. Lemme know what you think.

Quartz UI 1.9.1
Mistambercles Khellendros
Kendelar Darkharmony
Destron Darkharmony
Quartz Interface
Order of the Onyx Dragon - Rathe Server

or you can view DarkSir's post yourself:

What I did to install it:
1) Extract to a new folder called Quartz191
2) 'Copy Up' the desired files from the Background Packs subfolder (I use Classic)
3) Added in my patch to allow for 16 quick clickies in the Action window (optional). http://www.eqinterface.com/forums/s...1&postcount=186
4) From inside the game, type '/load Quartz191'

PS: If you do not do step #2, all of your windows will have no backgrounds, so everything will appear empty.

Also, if you want the OLD spell icons and OLD buttons/arrows, then you can try copying the "spells0x.tga" and the "window_pieces_0y.tga" files from the old quartz release into the new quartz folder (where 'x' is 1 thru 7, and 'y' is 1 thru 7, excluding 3; there is a new window_pieces_03.tga file in v1.9.1). Most people might want to just try the old spell icons, so just copy those 7 files. What I did was make a separate folder called Quartz191C (for classic), copied over my Quartz191 folder and added the 'old' spell tga files in there. Then a simple '/load Quartz191C' or '/load Quartz191' from inside the game toggles me back and forth between the old and the new spell icons.

Thanks DarkSir!

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