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Default EQ Window Breakdown

I just played with the basic windows in EQ. The WDT_Rounded and the WDT_RoundedNoTitle. But, I'll share what I've learned.

Here's a little Break down on what elements are what:

I was gonna just pop in the names into the .tga file, but then I realized it's too small. So, I extracted the necessary elements into a new file.

Do note, the Red Borders are the sizes in the EQUI_Amination.xml file, including the Border itself.
If you can squeeze your graphics in there, do that. The less you alter in the Animations file, the better off you will be when it comes to patch time.

Borders are quite confusing in EQ. Especially the title bar. That was a major b** to figure out at first.

And yes, that 17x2 on WithTitleTopLeft is a bug. It's at 99, 113 and really should be 100,113 at 16x2.

Hope this helps some better understand the borders and how they are layed out in the TGA file.

It's late, but I might see about adding the cordinates into the picture at a later date.

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Default Excellent post

Excellent work, thanks... I did this already through trial and error, but you'll probably save some people some time.

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Old 02-27-2005, 04:14 PM   #3
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I tried to modify the original border with title so that the entire title area was UNDER the outside of the window, instead of having the bulge out of the top. Every time I do it, I get a blank white border that doesn't show anything at all.

I use MGI Photosuite SE for graphics editing, and SIDL WIDL for xml.
I have been reading alot on the graphics...and I can't seem to find anything for dealing with transparencies or a alpha channel in MGI..could this be the cause?

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