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Default spell bar resizing

I'm looking through the XML files and I'm having trouble finding a place to scale my spell bar. I would like to shrink it down to 70-80%, along with the spell gems. I understand that the gems are rectangular rather than square. The spell bar should be around 440 pixels tall; I just don't see it in the files that I have. Where should I be looking?

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AFAIK there is no scaling button/line that you can adjust.

You would need to go in to the Cast SpellWnd file and adjust the <CX>/<CY> values for the icons/labels. Kind of depends on what file you're using but, in general, you have to shrink it one line at a time.

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Remember that the size of the spellgems are called from the Animations.xml file. The spellgems in the castspellwnd and hotbuttonwnd xml files are called from the same setting - ie if you adjust one window you would have to adjust the other. This is one of the reasons why my UI has the odd boxes around the hotbutton spellgems.

I would also look in to using LayoutBox as it makes it so SO much easier to space out elements. I use them in the castspell, hotbutton, extendedtargetwnd windows among others and it really makes it possible to make one small change rather than having to go back through and move every element individually.
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