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A Bat
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Default Name Elements


I see in the main list there is EQTypes for Name and Target names, but I cannot seem to find these in the target or PLayerWindow xml files.

Am I missing something? I've tried adding a <Font> where I could find these EQTypes but that doesn't seem to work. What I'm trying to do basically is make the default UI have larger font for targets and the labels. I've managed to figure out resizing guages and the labels but the names on Player/target/extended windows are still kind of hard to read on my resolution.

Any help would be appreciated.
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A Gray Wolf
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you can find the eq types in the sticky thread here, https://www.eqinterface.com/forums/...ead.php?t=18784

Not sure if you got a solution but figured id post anyway.

For my Player Window I did not want the player name showing so i think i know how to help you. At least A way if not The way... so like I did below you change the offset for the player name to a value that will put it out of the window compleetly. "<TextOffsetX>-5551</TextOffsetX>"

<Gauge item="Player_HP"> <!-- Player Info Gauges--> <ScreenID>PlayerHP</ScreenID> <EQType>1</EQType> <TextColor> <R>240</R> <G>240</G> <B>240</B> </TextColor> <RelativePosition>true</RelativePosition> <TextOffsetX>-5551</TextOffsetX> <!-- Player Name--> <TextOffsetY>-2</TextOffsetY> <GaugeOffsetY>34</GaugeOffsetY> <FillTint> <R>240</R> <G>0</G> <B>0</B> </FillTint> <GaugeDrawTemplate> <Background>A_GaugeBackground</Background> <Fill>A_GaugeFill</Fill> <Lines>A_GaugeLines</Lines> <EndCapLeft>A_GaugeEndCapLeft</EndCapLeft> <EndCapRight>A_GaugeEndCapRight</EndCapRight> </GaugeDrawTemplate> <AutoStretch>true</AutoStretch> <TopAnchorOffset>10</TopAnchorOffset> <BottomAnchorOffset>55</BottomAnchorOffset> <LeftAnchorOffset>2</LeftAnchorOffset> <RightAnchorOffset>1</RightAnchorOffset> <RightAnchorToLeft>false</RightAnchorToLeft> </Gauge>

now you need to add the name back in as a label...

<Label item="Player_Name"> <ScreenID>PlayerName</ScreenID> <RelativePosition>true</RelativePosition> <Style_Transparent>false</Style_Transparent> <EQType>1</EQType> <!--<1 = Name/>--> <Font>5</Font> <NoWrap>true</NoWrap> <AutoStretch>true</AutoStretch> <TopAnchorOffset>2</TopAnchorOffset> <BottomAnchorOffset>42</BottomAnchorOffset> <LeftAnchorOffset>2</LeftAnchorOffset> <RightAnchorOffset>65</RightAnchorOffset> <LeftAnchorToLeft>true</LeftAnchorToLeft> <RightAnchorToLeft>true</RightAnchorToLeft> <TopAnchorToTop>true</TopAnchorToTop> <BottomAnchorToTop>true</BottomAnchorToTop> </Label>

Finally you need to make sure the new Label is included in the Pieces section near the bottom. Add this line in that section.

play with the numbers for the offset numbers to move the name to where you need it. and adjust the font number for the size you need.

Again this is one way to make the name bigger, and may not be the best way to do it. I'm still learning myself.
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