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Default EQUI file handling general windows borders and similar things.

I added this as a suggested improvement on the Daybreak Community Issue Tracker, go vote for it if you think this sounds good.

As I outline in the link, I think that a file which would handle UI wide borders, buttons, and such. There are a lot of times when the look and function of the default UI windows works fine, but the appearance, size, and look of things like the borders, buttons, and pieces that are used UI-wide might not appeal to a user.

Presently, our options are to edit each UI window file, replace the default image file, or edit the EQUI_Animations.xml/EQUI_Templates.xml file; however each of these has a downside to them. Editing each UI window file is time consuming and wastes disk space unnecessarily by doubling files unnecessarily. Replacing the default image file means that if that image file is ever updated by EQ you either will have to update your custom one or have what was added be blank or not included as well as likely requiring you to do the next option too. Editing the EQUI_Animations.xml file or the EQUI_Templates.xml file means that you're going to have to regularly update it, because you cannot have the same item defined in two different places. After a while all of these options start becoming a bit repetitive.

My solution would be for them to provide a EQUI_General.xml file which would define things like borders, buttons, and other things which will be used across the UI as a whole. The pieces defined in this file would be the ones that the game uses by default. So changing the border in this file would change the border for all of the EQUI files which would be using the default border. People could still have custom borders defined special for specific (like the buff and target) windows by editing that window's file, but they could also have custom UI-wide borders or buttons without having to edit something that is being constantly changed or used for multiple purposes.

This way we can keep the custom images and button setups we use to our EQUI_Animations_Custom.xml and EQUI_Templates_Custom.xml files or to the individual UI window's file.
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