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Default Game Update Notes - 18 August 2010

*** Highlights ***
  • We were able to make several changes in response to feedback we received at Fan Faire. These changes are noted with an asterisk. Additional changes are scheduled for upcoming updates. Thanks to everyone who joined us and participated at the event!

*** Items ***
  • In-game rewards from this year's Fan Faire are now Heirloom items.
    The Draught of the Craftsman buff will now tick down in the guild lobby and guild hall.

*** Quests & Events ***
  • Beware! Unrest, Cazic-Thule, Blackburrow and Lower Guk will be getting more dangerous for a while!
  • The bonus experience modifiers have been removed from Underfoot zones. We hope you enjoyed them.
  • A Cunning Plan Reduced the damage done by the Minions, Keyholders, Architect and Monarch slightly. *
  • The Cliknar Queen In order to avoid having two pabulums stack on top of each other, they will now be spawned one at a time (but twice as often). *
  • Magus Sisters Corrected an issue with the raid reset.

*** Spells ***
  • Beastlord: Corrected a skill issue for Spirit of Hoshkar pets focused by Enhanced Minion IX, X, and XI. They had several skills set too low.
  • Beastlord: Raised the AC of Spirit of Hoshkar pets focused by Ritual Summoning, Minion of Discord, Servant of Chaos, Spire Servant, and Servitor of Scale.
  • Beastlord: Swarm pets summoned by Bestial Empathy, Howling at the Moon, and Bark at the Moon lines will now be much smaller. *
  • Enchanter: The effect from the Aura of Abstract Acumen will now go to the short duration buff box. *
  • Magician: Reduced the recast time on Summon Ring of Flight.
  • Magician: Renamed the Ring of Levitation to Ring of Flight so that it matches the name of the spell that summons it.
  • Necromancer: Restored the innate lifetap proc to necromancer pets focused by Enhanced Minion V and above.
  • Paladin: The global cooldown for the Burst of Dawnlight spell has been reduced to three seconds. *

*** Miscellaneous ***
  • Fixed a crash issue when clicking on Achievement links in the Welcome Screen.

*** UI ***
  • Fixed issue with Effects and Short Duration buff windows vanishing when minimized.
  • Added "Is Lore" and "Has Lore Augment" to the Recover tab.
  • Added ability to inspect the items in the Recover tab.


- The EverQuest Team

Read the full patch notes HERE.


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