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Old 07-27-2002, 08:40 PM   #1
A Bat
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Default Some Questions (Locked window positions?)

I have been fiddling with a lot of the new UI stuff and I have run across a few idiosyncracies. I was wondering if anyone out there has a solution:

1) The chat window seems to either lock in the bottom right or bottom left corner if you place it on the bottom, no matter what you specify your x coord as. X coord less than about 50 locks it in left corner, greater than 50 locks it in right corner. I want to be able to place it near the center of the screen on the bottom, and not have to reposition it everytime i /loadskin after making a mod to my xml files.

2) The Group window also seems to be buggy, this time in the Y coordinate. I have it stuck at the far right of the screen and i want to place it at approxiamately 115 on the Y coord, but once I go below 68 for the Y coord, it moves down to 135. Again this makes me move the window anytime i /loadskin to check an update I have made on my networked laptop (I edit on my laptop and /loadskin on my main comp so I can see my mods as I go)

3) Is there a way to set certain windows to not appear by default, ie the window selector and pet windows. As a monk I dont need the pet window, and i'd prefer the window selector defaulted to not show up.

Any info would be appreciated.

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Old 07-27-2002, 10:20 PM   #2
A Snow Cougar
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my experiences:

1 & 2)
-anytime i modify a ui file the whole ui gets scrambled to defaults
-all my windows stay where i put them unless i change an xml file

i closed the pet window the first time i saw it and have never seen it since. but try this:

in the main eq dir there's a config file called


the ## will be your server number, but who cares. in there look for


if show=0 then, by default, the pet window won't show up.
same thing for the window selector, which is right on top of the pet window
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Old 07-27-2002, 11:17 PM   #3
A Wooly Rhino
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I'm not going to type it all here again but I explain the problem with positioning in the developers help forum.
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