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Default Game Update Notes - 28 July 2010

*** Highlights ***
  • All Underfoot zones have had a temporary 20% increase in experience granted when killing NPCs.

*** Items ***
  • Recent marketplace items and all marketplace mount saddles are now Heirloom.
  • The Bridle of King Kalakor will once again summon a lion with a full mane.

*** Quests & Events ***
  • The Hot Zone tasks in the Firiona Vie zone now give the proper updates.

*** Miscellaneous ***
  • The Welcome Screen now displays only if it hasn't been seen by any character on the current account in the past 22 hours.

*** UI ***
  • Corrected issues with the 3D preview window where it would not show proper coloring on tinted mounts or illusions.
  • Corrected issues with the 3D preview window where it would not show illusions that were triggered by spells (such as the Fabled Ball of Golem Clay).
  • Fixed issue causing your buff window to reset to 2 columns wide in some cases when you had set it to 1 column wide.
  • Fixed issue with the map window where the minumum window size was hard coded into the window. It now is represented in the xml file.


*** Previously Updated ***
  • The gnomes that made the Clockwork Magma Meter have made further adjustments to its design that should make it even less likely to lose track of its owner.
  • Unstable Creation Corrected an issue that could potentially have caused the loot chest to despawn early.
  • Unstable Creation Fixed an error with the Creation's non-overloaded spell selection and timing.
  • Magus Sisters Sisters who absorb the essence of a fallen sister will receive more benefits than they did previously.
  • The First Creation decided that he has been a bit too easy on adventurers that dare to threaten him. He has decided to pick up his pace a bit.

- The EverQuest Team

Read the full patch notes HERE.


Remember...it is only a GAME

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