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Arrow Version 3.1 of UI Timer released, plus new user-submitted skins

NOTE: The information in this thread is outdated. Please visit the new thread for information on the latest release.

Version 3.1 of UI Timer is released! This version features the following enhancements:
  • Full/Compact Versions - Due to popular demand, I've created a "compact" version of the timer. This version is designed for players using low-resolution displays, or for those who want to save screen space. The compact version removes the buttons, and places the timers closer together.
  • Additional Timers - You can now choose up to 12 timers (instead of 8).
  • Additional Row/Column Configurations - There are now many different ways to arrange your timers (for example: 2x2, 3x4, 5x2, etc.)
  • New Windows - Many new windows have been added since v3.0, including the bug window, feedback window, gems window, notes window, and friends window. There are now a total of 12 different windows to choose from.
  • Other Options - You can now specify how the timer bars should be animated (fill up or empty out), and the text color for your timers. As with v3.0, you can specify a custom label, duration, and color for each timer.

Visit the UI Timer site to create your own custom timer configuration:

Also, a new section has been added to the timer site. This section contains a listing of user-submitted skins for the timer. Here, players can view and download new "looks" for their timers, to match the rest of their UI better. To start off the new section, Tipop has submitted some very nice graphics for the timer. To create and submit your own timer graphics, follow the instructions on the page. Check this section often for new submissions.

Finally, I want to say thanks to everyone for their tremendous support. Over 16400 configurations of the timer have been generated over the last 3 weeks, since the release of v3.0. I really appreciate all the positive feedback and valuable suggestions that I've received, without which the timer would not have been possible.

Edit (10/29/02) - Version 3.2 is now available, and it includes a fix as well as some enhancements. Changes in 3.2:
  • The slider will no longer be able to move past its boundaries. This bug is reproducible in the 3.1 (and earlier) slider timer by moving the slider to either end, then clicking around on the bar. Not a serious problem, but you can download version 3.2 for a fix.
  • It is now easier to move the timer window. You can now click and hold on any of the four edges, as well as any space between the timers, to get the move cursor.
  • In addition to dragging the slider, there are now two other options for moving the slider. You can click on the bar to either side of the slider to move it in large increments, or you can use the buttons (full version only) to move it in small increments.
  • The slider timer's duration can now be specified in one-second increments. Useful for those who want to time special events that don't necessarily happen in ticks, like CH rotations.
  • The maximum duration of the slider timer has been increased to 4 hours (actually, 3:59:59). This will allow extra long buffs/abilities to be timed.
Edit (12/5/2002) - Version 3.3 has been released to fix a compatibility issue with the 12/5 patch. This issue only affects those using the bug report window for the timer.

Edit (1/9/2003) - Version 3.4 has been released to fix a compatibility issue with the 1/9 patch. This issue only affects those using the pet info window for the timer.

Edit (1/20/2003) - Version 3.5 has been released to fix a compatibility issue with the 1/9 patch. This issue only affects those using the bug report window for the timer. The problem doesn't cause an error when initially loading the timer in the bug report window, but can potentially cause a crash later on when using /loadskin or when logging out. Please generate a new XML file using version 3.5 if you are using the bug report window.

Old Forum Threads
Here are the links to my other timer threads. Some of the information in these threads may be outdated, because they are old and many improvements have been made to the timer since then. However, they might be useful for troubleshooting installations, or for anyone who is interested in reading more about how the timer has evolved.

UI Timer v3.0 - Slider Timer
Slider Timer Prototype
Original Dial/Digital Timer
Former Enchanter of The Seventh Hammer
TimerMod - Timer Utility for EverQuest UI

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