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Default 3D Target Ring - Settings Explained

The file to be modified is located at ....\everquest\uifiles\default\TargetIndicator.ini
It can be edited using a standard text editor like NOTEPAD.

Source info for quote is HERE

The target indicator is 4 concentric circles textured in such a way that a repeating texure is UV animated towards the center. Each con color can have completely different settings. It is not a particle effect, it is a specially generated procedural object that works independantly of other visual effects and can be toggled on/off in the options window. There is a command, /indicator {on|off} which performs the same function.
When the indicator is turned on, this ini file is reloaded and exiting the game should not be required in order to tweak settings or images to your satisfaction.

Section: TargetIndicator

This section defines properties common to all indicators. The entries have the following purposes:

* FadeStart : How far from the target does the ring begin to fade out.

* FadeEnd : The distance of the last visible point on the ring.

* OpaqueStart : The distance from the target that the ring begins to become visible.

* OpaqueEnd : The distance from the targe that the ring is fully visible

* InitialLength : This is an override on the FadeEnd value, and is intended to be used to make the ring quickly expand to full size using the GrowSpeed as the rate of expansion.

* GrowSpeed : How fast to expand the target ring to full size. A value of 1 will make it instantly appear.

* FloorOffset : How far off the ground to place the ring.

* Additive : Set this to 1 to enable additive rendering mode for the ring, 0 for alpha blend.

* PointCount : This is the number of points that the ring will use to define the circle. There are four circles that reprsent the ring, each has their fade level determined by the fade/opaque settings above.

Sections: Trivial, VeryEasy, Easy, FairMatch, Difficult, Deadly

These sections can be used to configure the target indicator differently for each consider type.

The entries have the following purpose:

* Texture : The prefix of the texture to use. ".tga" is appended before opening. If FrameCount is above zero, it will format the filenames as "Texture%d.tga" to allow you to load any number of frames of animation to use for the indicator. Please note that this is a fairly memory intensive way to animate a texture so limiting the number of frames is a good idea. Performance may vary dramatically for various cards.

* FrameCount : How many frames of texture to try to load.

* Duration : How many milliseconds to show each frame of the animated texture.

* TwistFactor : This is a control value that is intended to control how fast each circle of vertices in the target indicator rotates on the Z axis relative to each other. Changing this to any value besides 1.0 will probably not produce anything worth looking at, but it won't break anything either.

* TwistSpeed : This value was intended to rotate the entire indicator on the Z-axis but unfortunately it does not work as intended at this time. This will get corrected in the future but for now you probably want to just leave it at 0.0 unless you want the target indicator to "pulse".

* TextureScale : How much of the entire texture is visible at one time.

* TextureSpeed : How fast to move the texture towards the center in texels/msec.

* ScaleMin : Not used at this time. This and the other two scale values were intended to be used to expand the ring when targets are changed, but unfortunately this part was not completed.

* ScaleMax : Not used.

* ScaleSpeed : Not used.

* Alpha : The transparency, combined with any texture alpha values.

* Red, Green, Blue : Tinting (ie. Vertex color) for the ring.

I hope this answers some questions for you all.

Roger Sewell
Sony Online Entertainment

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You can also call us, Monday through Friday 9:00 A.M. to 6:00 P.M. (PST), at (858) 537-0898.
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Question Has someone updated this info to include the new rings

Has someone updated this info to include the new rings such as Mark and target of target if so can we have the link

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