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Default Upcoming Patch: UI Changes

*** UI ***

- The bandolier window will now close when 'Esc' is pressed and it is the active window.

Please post in the thread on the SoE forums if you have an opinion. I am staunchly against this change which no one requested, is entirely unneeded, and further makes window management more difficult.

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I don't understand why a common title button cannot be added that pinned the window open? (a pin icon like the '?' for help). Let me choose which windows I want to stay open or close (Some windows should always stay open of course - like the main chat window for example)

Actually make it a pin icon AND a right click context menu option for those windows we don't need and/or want a title bar for.
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Wait .... it will close at any point when ESC is pressed, or it will only close when it has been clicked/used and ESC is pressed?

I guess when it says "the active window" does that mean open at all or the most recent clicked?

*EDIT* Answered my own question .... it closes the window no matter what ... lame.

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