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Old 05-19-2004, 02:03 PM   #1
A Ghoul
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Default Targets Target Request

Currently using Astryne's Stretchable_Target_Window mod and would love for my Targets Target Window to be the same.. Prob is, I know nothing about xml . If anyone has the time, skill and desire to make it for me, Id be forever grateful..

Astryne's Stretchable_Target_Window
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File Type: xml equi_targetwindow.xml (8.3 KB, 3 views)

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Old 05-22-2004, 09:34 AM   #2
A Ghoul
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Default hmm

Doesnt seem like anyone is exactly eager to undertake this task for me, soo... Ill Tinker with it some myself... If anyone has any definitive information on the differences of TargetWindow.xml vs TargetOfTargetWindow.xml, I'd greatly appreciate.. As I said, I'm basically a newbie with this xml stuff, but../shrug... cant hurt to try, hehe
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Old 06-05-2004, 01:43 PM   #3
A Hill Giant
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Default Bump

I too use the stretchable target window and would LOVE to have an identical target of target window (minus the % indicator of course) I have tried (to the extent of my limited xml knowledge) to make it myself... I thought that this would be a good start:

Things to edit on stretchable targetwindow.xml to stretchable targetoftargetwindow.xml
Do find and change :
TargetWindow to TargetOfTargetWindow
EQType # for target to corresponding eqtype # for target of target
A_Stretch_Target_etc etc to A_Stretch_Target_Of_Target_etc etc
Target_HP <Pieces> to TargetOfTarget_HPLabel
WDT_Stretch_Target_ThinTitle to WDT_Stretch_Target_Of_Target_ThinTitle

However, it is clearly lacking something due to the fact that it DOES NOT work... looked good on paper, but.... /sigh.. i might have to actually LEARN xml instead of hack and slash at it, heh... Please excuse the shameless bump, but Id rather spend my time enjoying the mod than losing my hair trying to make it... If theres anyone capable of bringing this project to life, then by all means, PLEEEEEEASE do so, cause i cant take staring at code any longer, heh
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