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read the post's it there f you read
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OMG.. what could i say .... grats !! it is a really wonderful editor u made there !

out of five (the 5th banana will come when it won't be a alpha anymore )
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Originally posted by guice

Not really. They still follow includes, if they are used in other files. I've managed to create windows using multiple custom files. Might want to rethink that part.

Also, why is the Framework required? Yeah, it's 20 megs, but that is around 1.5 hour download where I'm at currently. And I disabled all that Framework junk on my XP boxes at home. It was usless for me, and MS kept constantly bugging me "Don't you want a .NET account?" .. gaaah

Could you give me an example of a custom file you loaded with out using the EQUI.xml? How would you do that? SidlWidl will load up any file you put in the EQUI.xml, but if its not there it won't be loaded, and I don't see any provisions for loading them otherwise.

And it requires the framework not out of spite, but because its just that, an application framework. Think java but fast. SidlWidl wouldn't even be 1/3 of the way done if I hadn't have used it. Right now precious little uses it, but MS has big plans for it. You should be estatic they feel that way, because its a huge step forward from the registry/com crap we have to deal with now. Its sooo much easier to write nice programs and installation issues are practically nonexistant with it. Note, I don't even need an installer program for sidlwidl once you have the framework installed.

Why would you disable it? It doesn't slow you down. Don't get the framework confused with all the other .net crap ms releases. Messager .net, passport, etc is not the framework, they are completly unrelated, just marketing gobeldygook.

In short the framework = good, .net = marketing crap.
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