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Old 02-24-2007, 12:21 AM   #1
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Default Zeremus: Breathe, updated for TBS

Hi folks. I uploaded an updated version of Zeremus: Breathe for TBS today, you can check it out Here!

Recent and past changes:
The issues with the Powersource/Ammo/Inv slots and EQTypes 22-30 have been resolved. Also, I've made changes to the player/group window, included group and raid leadership xp bars, tribute and guild tribute timers, relocated name/surname/class/level for compatibility with longer names and the long class names these days (like Holy Defender or Grand Summoner, etc.). Also Combat state timer and CoR resist from TSS is added. Anatis's Extreme Group Window w. Rest Gauge (TSS) was the source for much of those changes. Font was changed from Georgia to Arial as well. Georgia is nice looking, but takes up more room.

I changed the Endurance Bar from the mini-version to a full bar, with endurance number, percentage, and color coded. The reason for this was in response to feedback from Pure Melee classes.

Feebwins integrated Target/HoTT window was included, and lengthened to include the Combat State Icon, (I was unable to put it into the player/group window. I don't think it can be done with Zeremus because that window is actually the EQUI_GroupWindow.xml, and my guess is that window won't accept the CS icon feature, but i'm just guessing). The Combat State stuff was done after TSS.

I decided to change the Buff window and the Song window. I included Anatis's Horizontal 25 Buff Edge (Number / Labels) for the Buff window, and from that code, I created a new EQUI_ShortDurrationBuffWindow.xml file that has 15 slots for TBS and has the same Anatis Buff Bar look. My reason for doing so is because Anatis's was already updated for 25 slots, and it is more transparent, which in my view is more consistent with the Zeremus theme.

DoN saw some minor updates to get it compatible again. Also changed the Endurance Bar label to eliminate confusion with Stamina.

After DoDH, I updated the Hotbar window to include the settings button, and I made scaled down versions hotbars 2-4 (to eliminate redundant inventory slots and decrease the viewable space each hotbar was taking up).

Future Plans:
The original Zeremus inventory window was cool, small, tight, and I want to bring that back. I plan on taking that window, adding the Powersource slot and all 4 tabs and the Ebon and Radiant crystals, leaving out the statistics to avoid redundancy and viewable real estate it takes up.

Also, Zeremus had a cool blue looking title bar thing going, that I haven't seen in a while. I'm not sure what happened to it, if it's just broke or what, but I plan on taking a look at that as well.

I also plan on taking another look at Hotbar Window's 1-4. I am considering making windows 3 and 4 horizontal single row. Also i think the numbering is bugged and they all say "1", lol. I'll check it out.

Lastly, I'd like to thank Zeremus, Drakkah, Gena, Feebwin, Anatis, and EQInterface.com for letting me rape and pillage thier work to make this possible. Also, special thanks to Brighid741 for her help in a thread. It's my sincere hope that I have done so with thier blessings, as I'm not good enough to create this stuff from scratch myself. I welcome any ideas, suggestions, or criticism as well. I hope you enjoy

Edit: Date:3-17-07: I have recently quit playing EQ. I am much disenfranchised by the state of the game today. I had more fun working on this UI than I did playing EQ towards the end, and that became a clear indicator to me to re-assess my priorities. EQ is unfortunately too much like a 2nd job if you want to get anywhere in the games progression, requiring applications, resumes, 90 day trial periods, and strict schedules. Hands down though, EQ has the best interface flexibility than any other MMORPG commonly played today. EQ2, D&D, WoW, and Vanguard all seem to only allow pictured hot buttons. I can't type the word I want in the button. It is for this reason alone that I won't rule out returning to EQ again 1 day, but in case I don't, I hope someone out there will carry the "Torch of Zeremus" and keep this UI alive. Best wishes everyone. /bow, /exit stage left.
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Default Question Please

"The issues with the Powersource/Ammo/Inv slots and EQTypes 22-30 have been resolved..."

Could you please show me the text that needs to updated in order for me to change this on the UI that I am currently using? Not real savvy on this...so english please )
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