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Name: ZlizUI
Date: 03-13-2014 04:30 PM
Size: 1.78 MB
Version: 2

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Size: 292.18 Kb
Dimensions: 1920 x 1200
Suggested layout, everything important at the bottom of the screen
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Size: 277.79 Kb
Dimensions: 1920 x 1200
Showing spellbook and spell gems with pretty icons, plus Stats page

~ By Zliz the Monk, of Test, Luclin and Antonius Bayle ~

* Visit Zliz's EverQuest Compendium at http://www.zlizeq.com

This is an EverQuest UI pieced together from many other UI packages, and in part customized by me. It is compatible with EQ Rain of Fear as of writing this.

The base of the UI is the WatUI, which is a very sleek and minimalistic UI with a blue color tone. It is class-agnostic in the sense that the player window adapts to whether you have mana, endurance or both. I have modified the WatUI in three aspects:

1) I have deleted certain pieces that I didn't see fit or necessary to "upgrade", i.e. just using the default pieces instead.
2) I have added/replaced pieces from other UI packages (or single UI elements) from www.eqinterface.com.
3) I have modified pieces from WatUI, the default UI and from other packages to suit my own liking.

Furthermore, I have hacked a bit here and there to keep the UI compatible with the latest EQ patches, mostly in the EQUI_Animations.xml file which is quite "sensitive" to patches. Here are, as best as I can recall, the changes I have made. All pieces have been found on www.eqinterface.com.
  • EQUI_Animations.xml: Various necessary updates or hacks necessary to keep this mixed UI compatible with patches.
  • EQUI_ActionsWindow.xml: From "New World RoF", customized to show title bar and make the Socials tab the first.
  • EQUI_AggroMeterWnd.xml: From the default UI, customized to make it smaller and more compact.
  • EQUI_BazaarWnd.xml: From "Halelen's No Scroll Bazaar" (trader window).
  • EQUI_BigBankWnd.xml: From AYA UI.
  • EQUI_CastSpellWnd.xml: From WatUI, customized to center the spellbook icon. Makes it easier to separate your 12 spells into groups of 6.
  • EQUI_CombatAbilityWnd.xml: From "WL Mini 8 slot combat abilites", customized to 40x40 pixel buttons.
  • EQUI_Container.xml: From Vertblue UI.
  • EQUI_ExtendedTargetWindow.xml: From "Hal's Horizontal Extended Target".
  • EQUI_Inventory.xml: From Sparxx UI, customized.
    • Bag slots arranged in two columns instead of zig-zag.
    • Krono moved to Alt Currency tab, Claim/Reclaim buttons made smaller.
    • Weight display made as it was in Sparxx pre-RoF on the main tab.
  • EQUI_MercenaryManageWnd.xml: From Sparxx UI.
  • EQUI_PetInfoWindow.xml: From the default UI, removed minimum size restrictions.
  • EQUI_ShortDurationBuffWindow.xml: From "Geddine's buff/song window (Mini version)", resized, removed border, made movable.
  • EQUI_TradeskillWnd.xml: From "Lights Tradeskill Mod v3.01"
  • EQUI_TributeBenefitWnd.xml: From "Tiny Tribute Benefit Window (listboxes re-added)", slightly resized and customized.
  • window_pieces01.tga: Added Ebon/Radiant shard icons which were for some reason missing from WatUI.

Extract the directory "zliz" to your \EverQuest\uifiles directory. Fire up EQ, and load the "zliz" UI.

Version History
  • v2, March 13, 2014
    • Updated to the latest patch.
    • Replaced Kessi mercenary window with the one from Sparxx UI. Note that this involves having a blank page on the standard mercenary inventory page (6th tab in your inventory), and instead has the inventory in a pop-up window accessible from the mercenary management window.
    • Cleaned up the tiny Tribute Window; buttons are now aligned.
    • Cleaned up various small alignment flaws in the border for certain windows.
  • v1.5.2, 2013-04-29.
    • Fixed duplicate A_RadioBtnNormal entry in EQUI_Animations.xml.
  • v1.5.1, 2013-04-18.
    • Fixed messed up spell book icon in EQUI_Animations.xml.
  • v1.5, 2013-04-17.
    • Updated for the latest patch.
    • Added "<Escapable>false</Escapable>" to all files that contain it in the default UI, plus EQUI_TributeBenefitWnd.xml (personal preference to have the tiny Tribute Window "unescapable", change if you wish).
    • Cleaned up EQUI_Animations.xml.
    • EQUI_TrackingWnd.xml: Added tiny checkboxes for toggling mercenary and pet tracking (bottom right).
    • Added scrollbar_Hgutter.tga.
    • Auto-formatted/indented all XML files.
  • v1.4, 2013-03-22.
    • EQUI_PlayerWindow.xml: Made a little extra room so that over 100,000 hitpoints are properly shown.
  • v1.3, 2013-03-12.
    • Updated for the latest patch (MerchantWnd and dragitems*.tga references in Animations).
    • EQUI_PetInfoWindow.xml: Taken from the default UI, removed minimum size restrictions.
  • v1.2, 2013-02-18.
    • Deleted EQUI_BookWindow.xml and related .tga files so the default book is used. This fixes a bug in the UI where the custom-made book UI was transparent with no background texture and had no "Done" button visible.
  • v1.1, 2013-02-05.
    • Deleted unnecessary dragitem34.tga file.
    • Updated Animations file with missing RoF textures and fixed other inconsistencies - thanks Sparxx UI.
    • Swapped outdated WatUI's merc window with "Kessi - Mercenary Manage Window".
    • Cleaned up some duplicate / testing files in the directory.
    • Various tiny weaks.
  • v1.0, 2013-02-01.
    • Initial release
  • WatUI
  • New World RoF
  • Halelen's No Scroll Bazaar
  • AYA UI
  • WL Mini 8 slot combat abilites
  • Vertblue UI
  • Hal's Horizontal Extended Target
  • Sparxx UI
  • Geddine's buff/song window (Mini version)
  • Lights Tradeskill Mod v3.01
  • Tiny Tribute Benefit Window (listboxes re-added)

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Old 04-29-2013, 02:03 PM  
A Fire Beetle
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Originally posted by dueceduece
Duplicate item A_RadioBtnNormal in EQUI_Animation.xml
Please delete the second entry so it will load properly for anyone using your UI. I was unable to load up the new animation file for you.

Thanks for the tip, I got my Test and Live directories messed up and missed that. I've uploaded a fix.
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Old 04-25-2013, 03:46 PM  
A Gray Wolf
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Duplicate item A_RadioBtnNormal in EQUI_Animation.xml
Please delete the second entry so it will load properly for anyone using your UI. I was unable to load up the new animation file for you.
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Old 02-16-2013, 05:03 AM  
Premium Member
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Good to see a new UI option. Thank you for the Tradeskill Window credit.

Last edited by firescue17 : 02-16-2013 at 05:03 AM.
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