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Default Game Update Notes: Wednesday, January 16, 2013

  • Krono has come to EverQuest! A Krono is an item that can be bought from a link in the Marketplace and consumed for 30 days of Gold membership time. You can trade, barter, buy or sell in the bazaar, and even mail Krono to another player through the parcel system, just like any other tradeable item. You now have a new inventory slot that displays your current Krono balance.
  • Wizard hat ornaments are now available! One can be purchased from Keliss Arden in Plane of Knowledge, and six more are available as global drops.
  • Platinum caps for Free and Silver members have been removed.
  • The method for calculating and displaying aggro on the Aggro Meter has changed. See the Miscellaneous section for more details.
  • The Potion of Shared Adventure II-III and the Potion of Adventure II-III are now available in the Marketplace on progression servers.
  • Code changes have been made to improve stability and reduce instances of crashing. See the Miscellaneous section for more details
  • Added a new InvSlot type to the inventory window: inventory/Krono. This new slot is like any other slot and can be hot keyed in a hot button bar, inspected (using right-click hold or alt-left click), consumed (by right clicking), or even temporarily moved to bag slots.
  • Added a button to consume Krono in the inventory window.
  • Made some changes to UI processing to reduce the loading and reloading time.
  • Added a label to the inventory window that now displays your remaining Gold days left on your subscription (if you have one).
  • Fixed some minor UI XML typos.
  • Added "Container" as a searchable type in the bazaar.
  • Made the mod2 stats (Bash, Flying Kick, etc.) searchable in the bazaar.
  • EQUI_Animations.xml
  • EQUI_BodyTintWnd.xml
  • EQUI_Inventory.xml
  • EQUI_MapViewWnd.xml
  • EQUI_PvPStatsWnd.xml
  • EQUI_RealEstateManageWnd.xml
Source and full patch notes
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