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(I can't find the option to fix this, but my skin does not show me who is in the group if they're not in the same zone. Ugh. PITA when someone dies and they're like, 'rez me', and I can't find them or anything.)
As long as they are still in your group and haven't come back into the zone, you can still target their corpse with the correct F2-F6 key. I bet that works even when you can't see the names.
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Default Focus on the caster specific stuff....

This us the stuff casters (at least wizards imo) DON'T need to see.

HUGE sta/hp gages.
% behind everthing with a number
Attack (it's just as dumb on a caster as a mana gage is on a monk)
Windows the size of Texas (Nothing should rivial a wizards ego in size!)
All the gages stacked up next to each other..... My first ui, because of the way the windows were stacked, looked like this:

HP: <BRIGHT green gage>
AC: <DARK maroon numbers>
STA: <BRIGHT red gage>
Mana: <Pink gage>
WT <BRIGHT blue numbers
STR: <Bright Yellow gage>
DEX: <Bright Yellow gage>
AGI: <Bright Yellow gage>
PET: <black gage> or < BRIGHT red gage>
ALL Resists: <all in this funky lime green colour>
EXP: <Bright Yellow gage>
AA EXP: <BRIGHT green gage>

So I had this distractiong blob of colour on one side that didn't tell me anything I needed to know at a glance. All I really need to see on the screen at all times is hp, mana, a destinctive casting bar (not one of those foo foo ornate bubble balls with bells and whistles, buffs, hotkeys (horizontal preferably), and a chat window.

I don't need to see my resists 24/7
I don't need to see my stats 24/7
I don't need to see my inventory 24/7 (clickies I keep hotkeyed)
I don't need to see my attack.....ever
I don't need to see my stamina/AC....but mebbe twice a year.

This stuff I need so infrequently, it's not a bother to ALT + <something> or click a button to find them on the rare occasion I need to check them out.

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